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From classic mangaka’s like Makoto Tateno, creator of Yellow, to modern best sellers like Kou Yoneda, creator of Twittering Birds Never Fly. With its very first publication back in 2004, Juné has been the innovated center for the boy’s love genre. Try our YouTube channel!

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Read yaoi about a team of covert detectives with tragic pasts, or about two students who fall in love at first sight. Everything from shounen ai to yaoi to hardcore, digital to physical to both, Juné covers all of your boys love needs.

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You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Juné Manga is your one-stop shop for all things yaoi! With new concepts like Juné’s yabara, and our ever growing accessible world, yaoi is starting to branch out to include more LGBTQ friendly themes and pull in an even broader audience of manga readers. We know both fujoshi and fudanshi can be found worldwide which is why we have changed out shipping to now benefit you. With the support of its loyal fans, Juné continues to bring over the best of what yaoi has to offer. We have that too! Yaoi manga, or boy's love manga, originating in Japan, was initially made for women by women. Review our books, join our social media, and buying our projects all tally up to rewards points to add discounts to your BL wishlists.

Yaoi Manga, Boy's Love Store | Juné Manga has the hottest Yaoi Manga and BL online!

Drama, romance, slice of life, bara, megane, yaoi offers something for everyone! Twittering Birds Never Fly Vol.4 (Digital), An Unmapped Country, Somewhere in This World, The More Useless He Is, The More I Love Him, Stories from the Shopping District Vol. Solo Leveling Chapter 127 Hmmmm 1 hour ago Big reward cominggggg Pupillary Master Chapter 103.2 Letitia Happy 2 hours ago Really? Hwa Gok is just a normal university student, until he sees a girl being attacked by the popular Lee Bin, and jumps in her defence. Our blog also provides all the insider scoop of our new releases, current yaoi related news, and community reviews. Seven Days: Friday - Sunday Japanese Movie - 2015 10 48.

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