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Scanning on the new X3iii was much faster than the X1ii. Well I can’t say yet, but your website made no mention about this problem and x1 or X3, infact I bought the X3 based on the reviews I read here, so it really makes me wonder, how do you test your devices? The length is almost the exact same as the AK100 II and just slightly shorter than the Shanling M3s and the X3iii. Fiio justifies the M7’s modest native storage with a microSD card expansion slot supporting cards up to 512GB. That isn’t problem with a DAP.

I would go with the R3. Compared to being made on the older 28nm process, the Exynos 7270's two ARM Cortex A53 cores use 20% less power for greater power efficiency and better battery life.

Firmware version FW1.0.5 update for the FiiO M7; Firmware version FW1.0.4 update for the FiiO M9; With this announcement, FiiO has also taken the opportunity to update the driver that allows FiiO devices to be used as USB DACs. Sorry Vasyl I find your comments offensive and misleading. Overall, the FiiO M7 is a high quality DAP for just $199. I tested the Fiio M7 with a pair of Fiio’s own F9 Pro in-ear-monitors, Focal’s Elegia over-the-ear wired headphones, B&W’s P7 Wireless, and V-Moda's Crossfade II Wireless headphones. It’s a solid high-res unit for the budget-strapped audiophile. This distinctness was less clear on the FiiO X3 MKII, and much less clear when I listened to the same song via 320 kbps on Spotify on my phone. This response translates into emotional impact for me, and just generally makes listening more experiential.

FiiO just stated this evening on Twitter the M7 will have updates (additional features). I have not personally heard the M0 since March, Mike did the review on the M0.

You just need to convert the Tidal music and then stream them to your Fiio music player for playing. Firmware version FW1.0.1 update for the FiiO M6, Firmware version FW1.0.5 update for the FiiO M7, Firmware version FW1.0.4 update for the FiiO M9. There are no balanced outputs on the M7, wait for the up and coming flagship M9 if you really need that or switch to the X3iii. The AudFree software works with both Windows and Mac computers. Entirely different OS to the X1ii and X3iii. AptX HD, developed by Qualcomm, will stream high-res audio up to 576Kbps at sampling rates as high as 24-bit/48kHz and is backwards compatible with aptX. Different reviewers for the M3K and M7 sadly but I would guess M7 unless you have unique personal preferences on sound. Sorry for the delay was waiting for FiiO to reply and yes, the M7 has no 20k track limit so you are good on that one.

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