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2000 Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. However I'm sill using a Minecraft (premium) account, I would like to migrate it to a Mojang account right now but i don't know the email address used for my account (for this was 8 years ago and not created by me). get help with resetting your password. The developer also confirmed that the move to Microsoft accounts will not be optional. 30

If you log in with your email address, you already have a Mojang account and do not need to migrate. I have talked with minecraft support but they weren't able or didn't want to help me. 1985 10 When will Mojang to Ms account migration actually happen? 1914 2009 1977 If you migrate a Minecraft account to a Mojang account, you'll now use your email to sign into all Mojang services, including Minecraft, and

A lot of people used to call Minecraft Java Premium, in contrast to a cracked copy or something, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. WHY DO I NEED TO MIGRATE MY ACCOUNT TO A MICROSOFT ACCOUNT? DO I HAVE TO MIGRATE MY MOJANG ACCOUNT TO A MICROSOFT ACCOUNT? 14 get help with migrating. 2019 Legacy Minecraft accounts were used … 1929 WHAT HAPPENS TO THE PLAYERS WHO REPORT ME? 1964 1980 If you log into Minecraft with your username, you can migrate your game to a Mojang account at.

1954 1909 Already have a Mojang Studios account? Our launcher and others like MultiMC which handle the authentication of the Minecraft accounts will need to implement an authentication for Microsoft accounts to support this change. You know you have one if you log in with a username instead of an email address. You should first try to log in with your last known username or email and password. M WORRIED THAT PLAYERS WILL TARGET ME AND SHUT DOWN MY ACCOUNT. 1933 Mojang has also released a video to explain how the migration process will work. We have not started migrating any accounts yet. 1. You can rest safely knowing that all reports are investigated by our team, will be carefully reviewed, and considered appropriately. If you no longer remember your Minecraft username you need to As a reward, all Java players will receive a free cape. The world's defining voice in music and pop culture since 1952. November New players who are getting Java for the first time will create Microsoft accounts rather than Mojang accounts starting this fall. 13 1924 WHAT WILL MICROSOFT DO WITH THIS INFORMATION?

Please, please enable JavaScript to use this site. 1913 Make sure you have your original transaction ID to share with our team. CAN I TRANSFER OWNERSHIP OF MY ACCOUNT TO SOMEONE ELSE? 1956


WHAT IF I ALREADY HAVE A MICROSOFT ACCOUNT? Archived. April your password. 1926 1923 Mojang says that the migration to Microsoft accounts will ensure more security for Minecraft players, with two-factor authentication. If you log in with your email address, you already have a Mojang account and do not need to migrate. May 1994

2005 WHAT HAPPENS TO THE PLAYERS WHO REPORT ME? 29 You can now play Minecraft: Java Edition with your Microsoft account, WHAT IS COPIED OVER FROM MY MOJANG ACCOUNT WHEN I MIGRATE? If you’re still unable to log in, or if you think your account has been compromised, please get in touch with Minecraft Support. 1921 We’ve built a new account switching functionality into the Minecraft launcher to make it easy to manage multiple accounts and play sessions.

12 HOW CAN I MAKE SURE THIS WON’T HAPPEN? JavaScript is disabled. © 2009-2020. 22 accounts yet. 24 WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN TO MY ACCOUNT? Sign in to an existing Microsoft account, or create a new Microsoft account if you don’t already have one. CAN I LINK MULTIPLE MOJANG ACCOUNTS TO A SINGLE MICROSOFT ACCOUNT OR DO I NEED SEPARATE MICROSOFT ACCOUNTS FOR EACH OF MY MOJANG ACCOUNTS? DO I HAVE TO MIGRATE MY MOJANG ACCOUNT TO A MICROSOFT ACCOUNT? If you play Java Edition, you can still only play with other players who have Java Edition. Mojang announced yesterday that the Java Edition Minecraft Accounts will be forced to migrate to a Microsoft account starting in early 2021. Minecraft Java Edition Account Migration FAQ. 1908 16 1959 WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO MY MOJANG ACCOUNT AFTER I MIGRATE TO A MICROSOFT ACCOUNT? Account Migration Cape Colors ... 2020, Mojang announced that all accounts would be transitioning to Microsoft accounts. 1975 DOES HAVING A MICROSOFT ACCOUNT ENABLE ME TO PLAY WITH MY FRIENDS ON OTHER PLATFORMS? Year If you already have Java or a Mojang account, you will have to start moving accounts in early 2021. 28 1937 WHAT ARE YOU CHANGING ABOUT MINECRAFT: JAVA EDITION? The only thing that will change is how you’ll log in to Minecraft! 3 If you do not have it, please be prepared to answer additional security questions. Players will also retain their Minecraft Java usernames. 1987 2007 For more information on this topic, please read this article. "Minecraft" is a trademark of Mojang Synergies AB.

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