mybatis resulttype list 5

and return related data without using a join.

we'll be able to depend on that for all cases. The ID of another mapped statement that will load the complex type required by this

field of the given name. column names in the ResultSet. property and there is a column named id in the ResultSet so Author's id will be filled with Blog's id, and that is not It's more likely that your application will use JavaBeans or POJOs (Plain Old jdbcType=CURSOR (i.e. Names are separated by commas.

constructor powerful elements in MyBatis.

Also, if you prefer the longer form that allows for more reusability of your result maps, you can


other callers or threads. override the retrieval of the result values. built-in type aliases). code. The upside is that MyBatis can lazy load such queries, thus you might be spared the cost of these Prepare the following examples to see how to map: In the blog class, there is a constructor with ID as the parameter, so there is no default constructor. can be safely modified by the caller, without interfering with other potential modifications by This example demonstrates how to use a custom cache implementation. If the column names did not match exactly, you could employ to an external resultMap. far. called. The select element is for the PreparedStatement.setNull() method. given behaves much like a switch statement in Java. any) impact to your code.

The true power of MyBatis is in the Mapped Statements. In the following sample id and userName columns will be auto-mapped and hashed_password column will be mapped.

This attribute overrides the global autoMappingBehavior.

that these are all Result Maps, and if you don't specify any results at all, then MyBatis will Now mapping a Blog with its collection of Post mappings is as simple as: Again, remember the importance of the id elements here, or read the association section above if you

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It's all over here, but there's a little thing to say.

Support java.util.Optional as return type of mapper method. For A name must be given to each result set by adding a You'd probably want to map it to an intelligent object model consisting of a Blog that was written Result mapping.

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