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The Kunai GamePad essentially turns the ROG Phone II into a Nintendo Switch-like portable console. If all that you want is an Android phone with a fast-refreshing display and capable specs, the new OnePlus 7T will likely suit most, if not all, of your needs for a lot less money. Game Genie helps you get the very best gaming experience on your ROG Phone II, and runs automatically when you launch a game. Armoury Crate is the command and control center for your gaming experience, where you can browse and run all your installed games, manage auto-launch game profiles, and configure all your phone's game-related settings.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 | Note 10+ Colour Comparisons! ROG HyperCharge direct-charging technology — which takes the charging circuitry out of the phone and puts it in the special 30W charger — gives ROG Phone II shorter and safer charge times. In the beginning, it was only available officially in China and India… and while you can purchase one off the grey market, you would not receive any warranty or even OTA updates for them. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (SM-N970) Hands-On Preview! However, ASUS did NOT want anyone to think or talk about the Tencent Edition because it is MUCH CHEAPER, and is a darn better deal than the Global Edition that they only introduced in October 2019.

The Asus ROG Phone 2 is now getting the stable Android 10 update with ‘V 17.0240.2009.49 ‘ build number and September 2020 security patch. A few popular examples include Alto’s Odyssey (and its predecessor, Alto’s Adventure), Don’t Starve, DOTA Underlords, Minecraft, and Rayman Adventures. The incredible 120Hz AMOLED display on ROG Phone II ensures butter-smooth visuals, however frantic the action, so you're less likely to miss an enemy or dodge incoming threats! Of course, Black Shark has publicly pooh-poohed the usefulness of a 120 Hz display in this recent Q&A session : Instead of a higher refresh rate, they opted to use DC dimming to reduce eyestrain, and an integrated DSP with MEMC (Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation) capabilities to eliminate unwanted judder and blur.

ROG Phone II is the next step in the evolution of mobile gaming. First, turn off your ROG Phone 2 completely and boot it into Fastboot Mode. Aero Case gives you the freedom to enjoy long gaming sessions, using the new AeroActive Cooler II or TwinView Dock II.

ROG Phone II is armed with truly awesome immersive audio capabilities. Asus at least justifies its weighty build with a 6,000mAh battery. The downside? Recommended : ROG Phone 2 : How To Turn On 90Hz / 120Hz Refresh Rate! It’s also easy to buy a DualShock 4 or Xbox One gamepad, then pair it to your phone via Bluetooth so you can have a console-like controller experience without being glued to your couch. The accessories were made for the phone, and the phone was made for these accessories, for better and worse. When the resolution is set to 12 effective megapixels.

Hi,anybody know what is the stable firmware for android 10 on ROG phone 2? However, it’s also bulky, and the build quality isn’t great.

Unfortunately, they squandered that advantage with an ultra-slow rollout in a fast-moving industry. I didn’t notice much in the way of latency between me touching the ROG Phone II’s display and seeing it happen on my TV. Mode also prevents RAM-eating and battery-sapping app activity, based on a customizable list of apps. WW-17.0240.2007.27. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 | 10 Plus Launch In Malaysia! Uprated AirTrigger II technology uses an advanced architecture to reduce the vibration latency to 20ms, and also gives you extra-precise ultrasonic touch controls — now supporting both tap and slide motions — with fine-tuned haptics for a console-like button feel. Change Ad Consent 1; Tất cả cảm xúc ;

Samsung Galaxy A10s (SM-A107) : What You Need To Know! ASUS reveals why you should wait for the official ROG Phone II for Malaysia, There’s a new Asus ROG Phone II variant that’s RM1,000 cheaper, ROG Phone II: The best gaming smartphone from Asus just got a whole lot better, Latest fuel price: Diesel up 6 sen, RON97 petrol remains under RM2.00/litre, Ismail Sabri: Updated CMCO SOP now allows 3 people per vehicle, COVID-19: New cases jump to 1,304 today, 567 cases recorded in the Klang Valley, Proton now lets you find certified pre-owned cars with extended warranty online, Sony PS5 has 667GB of usable storage, here’s what you need to know if you need more. It’s $59. The new ROG Phone II STRIX Edition is basically the Tencent Edition, without the Tencent logo.. Now you can enjoy no-compromise full-speed operation. In any game, precise control is the key to victory, but the lack of physical buttons on phones means your thumbs have to work overtime.

Effective teamwork is effortless with ROG Phone II.

Asus’ ambitious gaming phone offers a lot of power for $899, and thanks to its accessories, it’s capable of more than almost any other phone out there. Recommended : ASUS ROG Phone 2 vs Black Shark 2 PRO : Who Wins? The final victory will be yours! Reviews They urged their media friends to talk up the ROG Phone 2 Global Edition instead. Recommended : Why ROG Phone II Tencent Is Better Than The Global Edition! Recommended : Why ROG Phone 2 STRIX Is BETTER Than Elite / Ultimate! The all-new ROG TwinView Dock II gives you a genuine 120Hz/1ms dual-screen gaming experience that's perfect for extended game display or group communication. Let’s compare the specifications of the ROG Phone 2 Tencent Edition against the ROG Phone 2 Global Edition model! However, the phone seems to output video only through its side-mounted USB-C port.

The Black Shark 2, for example, launched way back in April 2019 with the Snapdragon 855, and they launched the Black Shark 2 PRO that is powered by the same Snapdragon 855+ that the ROG Phone 2 uses… in JULY 2019. It has a dual-lens camera system on its back, comprised of a 48MP main lens and a 13MP 125-degree wide angle lens. News Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ : Golden Reel At Night!

Asus really isn’t being subtle here with building off of its influences.

While you’re in game in landscape mode, there are two touch-sensitive areas near the power and volume buttons that act like triggers on a controller.

Announced Jul 2019. HUAWEI nova 5T – Flagship Performance With 5 AI Cameras! You can trigger lighting effects with phone events such as incoming calls, notifications and more, to give your ROG Phone II a unique personality. Other demanding titles, like Dead Trigger 2 and Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition also ran beautifully — especially so thanks to their support for its 120Hz refresh rate display. The four antennas are optimally located to deliver maximum Wi-Fi throughput when you're gaming in landscape mode, minimizing lag for the best connected experience. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window). It operates via Qualcomm’s 60GHz Wi-Fi band, and it is simple to set up and, as I expected, it’s incredibly fast when you’re standing in range. It weighs almost a quarter of a kilo and is almost a full cm thick. ASUS ROG Phone 2 Global vs Tencent Edition. amzn_assoc_default_category = "Wireless"; Copyright © 2015-2020 by Tech ARP. Back in August 2019, ASUS and Tencent revealed the ROG Phone 2 Tencent Edition in China, powered by the Snapdragon 855 Plus platform.

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