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And she looked about her expecting the owner would not be far off; but she could see nobody. Then she began saying: "Lawks! But I haven't! I must have been dreaming. Now one summer evening, as she was trotting, full of smiles as ever, along the high road to her hovel, what should she see but a big black pot lying in the ditch! I never!" I can get penny pieces for old iron, and penny pieces are a deal handier for me than your gold and silver. There was once a woman who was very, very cheerful, though she had little to make her so; for she was old, and poor, and lonely. By this time she was a bit tired of dragging such a heavy weight, and, stopping to rest a while, turned to look at her treasure. So she went off again planning what she would do, and feeling as rich as rich, until becoming a bit tired again she stopped to rest and gave a look round to see if her treasure was safe; and she saw nothing but a great lump of iron! From English Fairy Tales, retold by Flora Annie Steel (1922), illustrated by Arthur Rackham.This story is featured in Children's Stories.

There was plenty light to see it lying there, douce and peaceable as a stone should. And lo! So she bent over it to unfasten the shawl end, when—"Oh my!" Here's luck!". All of a sudden it gave a jump, a squeal, and in one moment was as big as a haystack. After she had said this many times, she began to wonder how she was to get her treasure home. "And me thinking it was a pot of gold! She unlatched the gate and then turned to unfasten her shawl from the stone which lay on the path behind her. She lived in a little bit of a cottage and earned a scant living by running errands for her neighbours, getting a bite here, a sup there, as reward for her services. "If it isn't full of gold pieces. Gina 1,027,064 views says she again. Mayhap I'll buy a grand house and just sit by the fire with a cup o' tea and do no work at all like a queen. I feel that grand I don't know myself.". Or maybe I'll bury it at the garden foot and just keep a bit in the old china teapot on the chimney-piece. It was a stone sure enough. 50+ videos Play all Mix - BEAST(비스트) Shock ルビ+歌詞+日本語訳 YouTube EXO Machine ルビ+歌詞+日本語訳 - Duration: 3:27. rabit778 421,512 views Eh my! "Well!" it wasn't a pot of gold at all! Talk about EXO and Translate the songs of EXO and Post a picture of EXO...and more. ()内はセリフデ━d(ゝω・*)b━ス!! So on she trotted full of plans as to how she would spend her penny pieces, till once more she stopped to rest and looked round to see her treasure was safe. But a penny piece comes in useful, and I shall sell that iron for a lot and be real rich—rolling rich.". She's my baby 새하얀 그 손 끝에 真っ白なその手の先に녹아버린 쇼콜라떼 溶けてしまったショコララテYou're walking into my door oh yeah She's my lady 눈부신 니 입술에 まぶしい君の唇に빠져버린 나는 노... 내가 눈감아 기도한 이 순간이僕が目を閉じて祈った この瞬間が그대 에인 맘을 안아줄게 천천히 君の傷ついた心を抱きしめてあげるよ ゆっくり오늘이 한 번의 Chance 今日が一度のChance나 내딛는 첫 걸음僕が踏み出す第一歩약속할게 잘 할거야約束するよ よくするか... 낡은 일기장 먼지를 털어내 古い日記帳 ホコリを払って문득 펼친 곳 그 속엔 해맑게ふと開いてみたら そこ中には明るく네가 있어 아직 넌 그대로 君がいて まだ君はそのまま여기 남아 있어ここに残っていて잊고 지냈던 그림이 떠올라 忘れて過ごした映像が浮かび上がって작은 ... 눈이 멀어 처음부터 어떤 빛도目がくらんで初めからどんな光も무색케 할 반짝임顔負けする輝き너는 강한 flashlight君は強い flashlight아직까지 너의 모습 길이길이まだ君の姿永遠に초르스름한 잔상으로 남아 flash back緑色の残像として残っ... 세 번 까진 부딪혀 봐3回まではぶつかってみて여섯 번쯤 울지라도 6回くらい泣いても다섯 번 더 이겨내면 5回以上乗り越えれば끝이 보이기 시작해 終わりが見え始める조급하게 달릴 수록 중요한 걸 焦って走るほど 重要なことを놓칠 뿐야逃すだけだ네게 좀 더 시간을 줘 ... 신사 숙녀 여러분ご列席の皆様티켓 들고 왔나요 여기로 여기로 チケット持ってきましたか? So she made shift to get on, and always looked as spry and cheery as if she had not a want in the world.

She stared at it, and rubbed her eyes, and stared at it again. Quite the luckiest body hereabouts. "Well!

My goodness! The old woman stared after it till it was fairly out of sight, then she burst out laughing too. And this time she saw nothing but a big stone. I feel awful rich!".

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