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Decide which cookies you want to allow. ZBS is the simplist & quickest of all WordPress CRMs. Zero BullSh*t CRM is a customer relations manager for WordPress that promises a cheaper more flexible solution than alternatives such as Salesforce. Zero BS CRM content can therefore be accessed via the main WordPress admin menu on the left or via the main Zero BS CRM control panel. The value comes with the extensions...which is what they charge you for and the documentation for integration isn't really that great. They have a sketchy system that will allow you to send email campaigns out but basic communication with your clients via email is NOT available.

As you can see, Zero BS CRM is currently running their special launch offer, so everything is seriously discounted (50% off). Familiar with WordPress? As business has moved into the digital realm, so to have a lot of our customer relationships.

Without a simple way to manage our communications with customers, we’re left herding post-it notes around our offices. If you use Zero BS CRM to send invoices to clients, Invoicing Pro is a must. You will have to export all users to csv and then import separately.

What the above naturally includes are designers. I’m enjoying using JPCRM. … as if our pick of features wasn’t enough, the developers have given us a sneak-peak list of what you can expect from v2.0: The features are coming thick-and-fast with this wp plugin. Why is there no way to have all of that communication in one place?

What good is all this juicy CRM power if we can’t develop on top of it? It's quick and easy to try these different settings for overriding, rebranding and adjusting the look and feel of your CRM. It is at this point you start to realise how large a plugin Zero BS CRM is. Be sure to check out the extension bundles as they could save you a lot of money. Preferably, an affordable one, or even free. Beware of Automattic and their refund policy regarding this software. I highly recommend this product. Essentially, what a CRM does is act as the central hub for your whole business. Invoices) via learn bar button, Improved: Corrected company name references, Improved: License system modal notice language and UI, Improved: You can now search for Transactions, Quotes, Invoices, and Companies by ID, Improved: Default sort order of DESC now reflects properly in list view sort icon, Improved: Centralised definitions of “Contact” type logs, Improved: Better formatting for ‘added’ date in company list view, Added: Ability to sort contact list view by: Latest Log, Added: Ability to sort contact list view by: Latest Contact Log, Added: Ability to sort contact list view by: Has Quotes, Has Invoices, Has Transactions, Added: Ability to sort contact list view by: Quote, Invoice, and Transaction count, Added: Ability to sort company list view by: Name, Status, Email, and other standard fields, Added: Ability to sort company list view by: Custom fields, Added: Ability to sort company list view by: Number of contacts at company, Added: Contact list view column “Has transactions”, Added: Company list view columns: Has Invoices, Has transactions, Invoice Count, Transaction Count, Transaction Value, Total Value (and made them sortable), Added: Ability to sort quote list view by all columns, Added: Ability to sort invoice list view by all columns, Added: Ability to sort transaction list view by all columns, Added: Ability to sort form list view by all columns, Added: Last Updated column to contacts and companies, Fixed: Duplicated tag with international charactes when they are added to a contact, Fixed: Style issue with Second Address block in the Client Portal, Fixed: Invoice line items now able to be added to invoices (req invoicing pro v2.7.1), Fixed: Textarea custom field doesn’t show new lines in view mode, Fixed: Remove Advanced Search (can search from list view mode since v3.0). Give it a go, you’ll see! Mike noted that he has had many people tell him that Zero BullSh*t CRM was a great name, but some were not so keen.

It can control your workflow and your interactions with customers.

Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "af9e4cc51adb1344b92388ef816ccde7" );document.getElementById("jf5967816f").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Thank you! It provides a complete statistical solution hub for your website.

Download or install above, or Visit our Download page.

Menu items for new custom post types are listed too.

We added 5 of these in 1 minute – simply uploading them via FTP!

If you are looking for an affordable customer relationship manager, I highly recommend trying out Zero BullSh*t CRM.

The cost of extensions range from $19 per year (CSV Importer Pro) to $129 per year (Sales Dashboard).

Once the plugin is activated you will see many new items in your WordPress admin menu. I make money on the internet through blogs, content websites, forums and YouTube. reCaptcha can be enabled in order to tackle spam and you can enter overriding lables for hundreds of terms such as “Quotes” and “Invoices”. Short answer: WordPress, Simplicity, and Yes. How many small businesses DON'T use email to communicate with leads? Etc. If you plan on purchasing multiple extensions, you may want to consider purchasing one of the available extension bundles.

Users can then add functionality by purchasing premium extensions.
With a name like Zero BS CRM, the plugin was always going to get a lot of attention. Fixed: Date Paid field is now in correct format in transactions list view. Join the conversation via an occasional email, The Easiest WordPress CRM Plugin – Zero BS CRM, WP-CRM System: A Total CRM Solution for WordPress, 5 Ways Influencer Marketing Can Help Your Business Grow, RSS Is Not Dead! All My advice is you start small and build up your features over time. It makes no sense when plugins like ZBS exist.

I am not going to use ZEROBSCRM for either of those functionalities.

In the next page you are asked which power ups you want. Enter your email address to subscribe to my blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The plugin also gives you three different menu choices.

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